Lost Whitney Houston Remix Of Steve Winwood's Higher Love Song Released

Lost Whitney Houston Remix Of Steve Winwood's Higher Love Song Released
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Seven years after the tragic death of Whitney Houston, a lost song from the legendary singer has been released. Yes, new music has dropped from the 80's icon thanks to a track those close to her thought was gone forever.

In 1991, Houston did a remix of Steve Winwood's hit song 'Higher Love.' She first sang the song during a concert in Tokyo in 1990, before she even recorded it.

The social media account for Clive Davis not only released the remix but explained how the tune was initially slated to be part of Houston's third album, I'm Your Baby Tonight. Davis is, of course, the former Arista Records boss.

He is also the music man who discovered and developed Houston into being one of the hottest pop singers during the 1980s and 1990s. The music legend did not share why the 'I'm Every Woman' singer ultimately decided against adding the song to the album or if it was even her choice at all.

Fans know in the early 90's Houston was still at the top of her vocal game and was blowing up the music charts. It was pre-Bobby Brown, pre-drugs, and pre "crack is whack" era. She sounds fantastic on the track, which, according to social media, was remixed by Norwegian DJ Kygo.

The song dropped last night at midnight and has fans missing Houston more than ever today. Her version of 'Higher Love' is reminiscent of classic Whitney from back in the day. It oozes her signature style of soul and pop.

It is unclear if DJ Kyo remixed it when Houston originally recorded it or If he added something to the tune before it was released.

Nothing against Steve Winwood or his original 'Higher Love' song but Whitney Houston's remix is honestly better. Perhaps it is because she passed away and it is a reminder to fans of her talented vocals or the knowledge the tune would have fit perfectly into her third album. Maybe someday fans will learn precisely why it never made the cut.

When Whitney Houston passed away suddenly in February 2012, fans could never have imagined they would hear new music from the icon ever again. Thanks to a lost cut of the song 'Higher Love' the world is blessed with another hit from Houston. It is bittersweet for sure.


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