Lori Loughlin Reportedly Feels She Was Tricked By Rick Singer - She Thought It Was A Donation

Lori Loughlin Reportedly Feels She Was Tricked By Rick Singer - She Thought It Was A Donation
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Lori Loughlin, the Fuller House star, reportedly felt tricked by the mastermind behind the college admissions scandal, Rick Singer. Reported by Page Six, the outlet claims the star believes she didn't know she was participating in a scandal.

The actress alleged that Mr. Rick Singer gave the impression the half-a-million dollars were not used to bribe her daughter's way into the University of Southern California. Reportedly, she suggests Singer never revealed it was an illegal scam.

The source who spoke with the publication stated that "Lori was hoodwinked by Rick Singer," adding there was "no other way" to describe what occurred. Lori reportedly thought she was just making a donation to the university as every other parent has done.

As it was previously reported, the 55-year-old actress and her 56-year-old husband, pleaded not guilty to charges that they paid Singer a large sum of money to have their daughters recruited into the University of Southern California as crew team members.

The insider went on to elaborate on the points made above, notably, that Lori didn't believe she was ever doing anything illegal. The idea that she wasn't engaging in wrongful behavior is why she and Mossimo chose to plead not guilty.

Lori and her man are looking at serious charges including conspiracy to commit bribery, wire fraud, and money laundering. Thus far, Singer, the purported leader of the scam, has been charged with a number of crimes including obstruction of justice, conspiracy to defraud the US, money laundering conspiracy, as well as racketeering.

People Magazine also reported that Lori and Mossimo believe they were acting in good faith. Earlier last week, Loughlin and Giannulli filed documents in the Massachusetts US District Court asking for statements from Singer to the FBI which they hoped would help strengthen their case.

Moreover, a source claimed Lori truly believes she'll be exonerated for the crime because she never meant to do anything wrong. Additionally, the insider claimed the prosecution is trying to make examples out of people.

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