Lori Loughlin Puts On Mock Trials With Her Lawyer Ahead Of Her Upcoming Court Battle

Lori Loughlin Puts On Mock Trials With Her Lawyer Ahead Of Her Upcoming Court Battle
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Lori Loughlin is reportedly doing everything she can to prepare for her upcoming court battle regarding the college admissions scandal. Page Six claims that the Full House alum has been engaging in pretend trials with her lawyers before her court date.

Previously, the Full House actress pleaded not guilty to paying half-a-million dollars in bribes for her daughters to get accepted at the University of Southern California. The bribe money was so her daughters would get accepted into the school as crew team recruits, despite not playing the sport.

Before the holiday season, Us Magazine reports, Lori and her man, Mossimo, have been practicing how to go about handling the trial, which sources say have Lori and her husband extremely stressed out, especially after news that others involved in the case received prison time.

Us Magazine, who spoke with a source close to the family, stated that Lori and her fashion-designing husband had been meeting with lawyers repeatedly for days at a time. Whenever Lori isn't with her lawyers, she's talking and texting with them.

Reportedly, her lawyer has been portraying the prosecutor, "grilling her." As it was noted above, the 54-year-old actress and her 55-year-old husband were caught in March on money laundering as well as wire fraud charges.

They were again hit with more charges in October, and have pled not guilty to all of them. The effect on the family was widespread as well. Olivia Jade, who happens to be a YouTube beauty vlogger, was dropped by several big companies when the news hit the press.

As followers of the case know, Lori and Mossimo weren't the only ones involved in the school scandal that was the center of media tabloids earlier this year.

Huffman, the wife of William H. Macy, the  Shameless  star, served 11 days in prison after pleading guilty.  Huffman admitted to paying $15,000 to Rick Singer to have her daughter's admissions test scores edited after the fact.

After her conviction and guilty plea, Felicity released a statement claiming she thought she was simply doing what was his best for her family. Moreover, she thought she was giving them a "fair chance."

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