Lori Harvey Questioned About Steve Harvey's Opinion On Future -- Mums The Word

Lori Harvey Questioned About Steve Harvey's Opinion On Future -- Mums The Word
Credit: Source: BET

Lori Harvey is the new it girl. The model is in a serious relationship with rapper Future and it appears that they may be engaged ; however, she won't comment on whether or not her father approves.

TMZ caught Lori where they were able to start a friendly chat. After the 23-year-old confirmed that her dad is protective of her, the reporter asks if he's given the stamp of approval when it comes to the Life is Good artist.

Lori wouldn't give a yes or no -- she actually turned her back and escaped with a 'Bye guys.'

The general public has taken notice that the young woman is going against the advice that her relationship expert father has given out.

Additionally, sources claim that Steve is not a fan of Future.

'Steve bit his lip through the Trey Songz romance and the Diddy romance and even the engagement to Memphis Depay, but he’s not going to stay quiet with this one. Future has a reputation that’s hard to ignore. He wants Lori to be careful with these bad boys.'

Not only has the rapper gained notoriety for being a womanizer, but he also has multiple children with multiple baby's mothers and lots of drama that comes along with it.


The latest incident came from his alleged baby mama Eliza Reign.

She has been taking to social media to slam the absent father and even gave up details about their sex life.

Future has asked a judge to place a gag order on the model.

To make matters worse, the game show host can't stand the themes of Future's music.

His greatest hits come with lots of references for drug use and violence.

At the end of the day, Harvey has to realize that his daughter will have to learn her own lessons.

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