Lori Harvey Discovered In This Video That She Has More In Common With Future's Baby Mamas Than Previously Though

Lori Harvey Discovered In This Video That She Has More In Common With Future's Baby Mamas Than Previously Though
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It appears that Lori Harvey's health has significantly improved after she reported being sick a couple of days ago, and the young model was back on track for her birthday, which was on January 13.

The 23-year-old took to social media to show off how she spent her special day.

The stepdaughter of Steve Harvey was reportedly accompanied by some of her best friends, and they started the celebration by boarding on a private plane and drinking champagne.

Although the destination of the party people was supposed to be a secret, Lori also shared a short video clip of herself arriving at her hotel room, where she was in for a surprise, and fans understood it was in Jamaica.

The video shows that somebody covered all of her room with rose petals, including on the bed, where a heart was drawn.

Lori's voice could be heard during the video clip as she wanders around in her room, saying excitedly that she found the setting to be quite beautiful.

After the video was uploaded on social media, a lot of people suspected it was Lori's reported boyfriend, Future, who was behind the romantic surprise, as the rapper is known for making this type of gesture for his current girlfriend.

Many fans of the rapper even noticed that he did the same surprise for both Brittni Mealy and Joie Chavis back when he was dating them.

As a result, a lot of people deemed the "Turn On the Lights" performer for being unoriginal when it comes to surprising his girlfriends.

One person said: "They’re cute together. Truly hoped she changes him. Everyone deserves happiness."

Another commenter shared: "They’re so damn corny lol I give it another three months TOPSSure Hope's she doesn't get pregnant he's raw dogging these females then scream its not his baby #richniggadeadbeat😂."

A third social media user wrote: "He hasn't been this public with a woman since Ciara. This breakup is going to be history-making. 😂."

A backer stated: "I think she’s just having fun and enjoys the attention. I’m hoping when she’s older and wants to settle down, and she’ll consider someone with less baggage on their resume."

The new power couple is keeping social media busy with all the updates.

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