Lori Harvey Captivates And Entices Boyfriend Future With Her Latest Sizzling Photos

Lori Harvey Captivates And Entices Boyfriend Future With Her Latest Sizzling Photos
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It seems that the girlfriend of rapper Future, Lori Harvey, knows how to keep the attention of her followers on Instagram, despite the ongoing period of self-isolation and social distancing.

The 23-year-old stepdaughter of comedian Steve Harvey captivated her followers with a new selfie on Instagram stories, in which she posed to the camera with an all-black jumpsuit from Chanel.

In addition to the luxurious piece of clothing, the aspiring model accessorized her look with the help of a diamond necklace and massive diamond earrings.

The social media influencer did not forget to do her makeup, and for the occasion, she chose a shining pink lipstick and eye shadows in natural colors.

Lori also added a filter to her selfie, in the form of three cute butterflies around her cheeks and she heated up the atmosphere by unzipping her jumpsuit.

Lori was bored with staying at her home for so long because she captioned her story with the statement she wanted to wear something other than sweats for the day.

The social media celebrity made headlines recently when she was noticed doing her shopping at Target, and a video clip of the event started circulating over the Internet.

The model appeared to be in the company of a man with a mask, who many believed to be her boyfriend, and the two of them filled three shopping carts with various products such as large quantities of cola, Gatorade, and plastic cups.

At one point in the video, Lori laughingly states that currently, it was like " World War Z " in the world.

In a recent interview, Future opened up about his romance by saying: "Um, just taking my time with everything right now, life is good. I wish to take my time with everything. It doesn't bother me. It's just, you know, what to give and you know what not to put out or whatever it is. You still try and find those different ways to keep it private but some way to give your fans little insights into what is going on in your life. You get the people in the world who want to know, so you open up a little bit, but you got to save the majority for yourself and your partner."

Things might be getting serious for Future and Lori.

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