Lori Harvey Breaks The Internet After Future Posts Her On His Instagram Story

Lori Harvey Breaks The Internet After Future Posts Her On His Instagram Story
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Lori Harvey is doing exactly what any young and single woman should be doing: living her best life. After the daughter of Steve Harvey was posted to Future's Instagram Stories, the internet was set ablaze.

Lori has been said to be connected to some of the most popular and powerful men in the entertainment industry. From Diddy and his son Christian, to Trey Songz and Future -- she is not afraid to explore her options.

Earlier this year when she was said to be in a love triangle with the rapper and Songz, she was photographed ducking in the singer's car. To which Future indirectly responded by posting 'You ducked too late.'


Most thought that would be the end of her romance with hip-hop's biggest player but recently -- the two have been spotted getting closer. She attended his birthday party about a week ago and has made a special appearance on his Instagram Story where she seems to be rocking an expensive timepiece given to her by Future.

The artist captioned it: 'Flawless. Tap for details.'

Nayvadius seems to be smitten by the gorgeous model and many Twitter users feel as though she may break his heart instead of the opposite.

One person tweeted: 'You gotta admire Lori Harvey. The girl is your toxic fave’s toxic fave. She’s the only chick who can leave Future, go to Trey, then go to Diddy, remain on Meek Mill’s wishlist and STILL have Future welcoming her back with open arms. A queen.'


Another added: 'Lori Harvey might be the only woman capable of defeating Future. Sis is the Thanos we need for these toxic a** Scorpios. I STAN.'

This social media user said: 'Lori Harvey vs. Future for the World Heavyweight Toxicity Championship is not somethin I saw comin before we left 2019.'

What do you think about Future and Lori's blossoming relationship?

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