Lorde Spotted Wearing A Ring, Is She Engaged To Justin Warren?

Lorde Spotted Wearing A Ring, Is She Engaged To Justin Warren?
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Lorde was spotted at LAX and she clearly didn't want to be seen. Wearing a baseball cap and hiding behind airport attendants and equipment, Lorde couldn't hide the rock on her finger. She never spoke to the photographers who were on the scene asking questions, and she hid her face behind her hand as she made her way to her vehicle, but the rock was enough to get people talking.

Now, Lorde's fans want to know if the 22-year-old is secretly engaged to her 33-year-old boyfriend Justin Warren.

This isn't the first time Lorde's fans questioned whether she and Warren were engaged. The loving couple was spotted shopping for housewares back in March and fans spotted her ring then. Lorde does her best to keep her personal life private and she displays a shy and timid persona in public. For example, Lorde has yet to make a public statement confirming she and Justin are a couple.

It is believed that Lorde and Justin have been together for at least three years and many people who have seen her ring in photos and videos do believe the couple is engaged and planning on tying the knot soon.

You can see footage of Lorde at LAX captured by X17Online in the video player below that includes the ring on her finger.

Sometimes when a celebrity is too guarded with his or her private life, it gives room for more rumors and gossip to circulate.

Lorde has never spoken publicly about her current relationship and in the past, there were many rumors that circulated regarding her past boyfriends and even her sexuality. When it was learned that Lorde and Taylor Swift were close friends, some began to suspect the two were involved in an intimate relationship.

Though Lorde and Justin haven't gone forward in their relationship, there have been enough public sightings of the pair walking hand in hand and kissing for folks to know they are an item.

What do you think? Is it better for celebrities to go public with their relationships and help reduce the amount of gossip and speculation, or should they defend their privacy at all costs?

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