Lorde Reveals She's Finally Got New Music In The Works After Time Away From The Spotlight - Details!

Lorde Reveals She's Finally Got New Music In The Works After Time Away From The Spotlight - Details!
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Fans of Lorde should be super excited because it sounds like she has something in store for them! The singer has been away from the spotlight for a while now but judging by her latest update, she is ready to release some new music.

Not only that but she is apparently very proud of what she’s been working on to the point that she did not hesitate to tell everyone that the tunes are ‘so f**king good!’

The 23 year old songstress’ fans have been waiting for updates on her music for what seems like forever and now they’re finally getting something from Lorde and it sounds very promising.

The message from her was sent via an email to her subscribers.

She began her electronic letter by explaining her absence, saying that she needed some time to focus on herself.

‘Well hello there. I realized the other day it had been a minute since we chatted, and I was missing you. You will probably be pleased to know my hair's big and long again. I think that after Melodrama came out I said I would not put out another record until my hair was long again— both because hair takes time to grow, and I also knew I needed time, and I knew the next record would require the longest and wildest hair yet,’ she wrote.

She went on to dish that she’s ‘never felt more spiritually rich, and in touch with the voices that guide.’

Lorde mentioned that after her pet dog passed last November, she needed to focus on something so she went back to the studio.

‘And to my surprise, good things came out. I felt my melodic muscles flexing and strengthening. The greatest treat that I can give you is work that will last 10, 20, 30 years. And that takes time. I can tell you, this new thing, it has got its own colors now. If you know anything about my work, you will know what that means,’ Lorde also wrote in part.

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