Looks Like Kenya Moore Just Confirmed That She Is Pregnant With Marc Daly's Baby

Looks Like Kenya Moore Just Confirmed That She Is Pregnant With Marc Daly's Baby
Credit: Instagram

It seems that Kenya Moore has discreetly confirmed that she is indeed pregnant with her first child.

Earlier today, the wife of Marc Daly and star of the Real Housewives of Atlanta took to Instagram where she shared an adorable post in which she explained that 2017 was a very odd year for her.

It was both beautiful and very painful at the same time.

The beauty queen lost her beloved grandmother, supporter, and friend Doris who raised and nurtured her into the strong woman she has become today.

Moore revealed that it was Doris who cared for her since she was a newborn.

The former beauty queen explained how happy she was to be married to Daly and went to say that she is grateful for her growing family.

In a recent interview with Wendy Williams, she said that she would announce her pregnancy when she is ready.

Many of Moore's supporters saw the term "growing family" as a sign that there is a baby on the way.

Here is Moore's full post: "2017 you go down in history as one of the best and worst years of my life."

She went on to say: "Worst because I lost the love of my life, my grandmother Doris who raised me from 3 days old. And the best being the day I married my husband and romantic love of my life.

"I thank God for every single day for Without love there can be no sorrow. Without history, there can be no future. Without pain, there can be no joy," she continued with.

The business mogul added: "Thank you for my life and my growing family. #2017 #2018 #kenyamoore #happynewyear."

One happy fan stated: "Congratulations on your pregnancy! Happy New years to you and The beautiful soul inside. Marc is so handsome, and the baby will be so pretty. So happy for you Kenya and proud of you for not letting others' jealousy and hatred block your happiness."

Another supporter shared: "Growing family. Keep on glowing @thekenyamoore...we love you, and we mean it...happy to watch your pregnancy glow!Happy New Year Mrs. Daly! #CallHerMrs.Daly2018. Blessings to you Kenya Moore and the baby coming this year."

A third person revealed: "Girl you pregnant?!?!! If so, congrats!! Yup, that genuinely sums it up.. good and the bad!You are beautiful! I'm attractive! Even though we have fair skinned in our DNA God saw fit to "chocolatize" us, and He said we were good! That means we're BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for 1993 letting me know YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!"

Do you think Moore is having a baby girl or boy?

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    MARIE DORANTE Jan 2, 2018 11:48 AM PST

    Congratulations keke . I love you

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