Loni Love Finally Responds To Tamar Braxton's Apology And Fans Of David Adefeso's GF Are Not Here For It

Loni Love Finally Responds To Tamar Braxton's Apology And Fans Of David Adefeso's GF Are Not Here For It
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Even though Tamar Braxton was fired from The Real , it sounds like Loni Love would still love for her to come back as a special guest, in any way that was possible in the show's current arrangement.

Braxton recently apologized to the ladies of The Real for the pettiness and drama. However, it is not clear how this would reflect on other cast members, as Braxton originally left the production in a very controversial manner.

She was fired around three years ago, and during that time she and the ladies threw shade at each other. Braxton has maintained that her dismissal from the talk show was nothing more than a set-up, and she accused her former friends and co-hosts of wanting to see her gone.

However, every host involved with the production has denied the accusations, and they all seemed honestly surprised and shocked to find out that Braxton had been fired.

According to Love, everyone seems to have a different story regarding the firing of Braxton from the show. Love believes that things started to go downhill after the singer indicated that she was "ready for new management," with an implication related to her former husband, Vincent Herbert.

At this point, The Real is still moving forward without Braxton who is said to be working on her own show.

One of Braxton's fan had this to say: "Naw Tamar doesn’t need to be USED for ratings. They already announced the show more than likely won’t be renewed after 2021. This is for ratings. If it means that much to them to talk, talk outside of the show and go from there. This sounds like a setup. Tamar apologized finally, and that’s that ."

Another commenter shared: "Heck no! First, you all conspired to get me fired then ask me to come back, bc Life is Going Well for me now? The devil can't take was meant for you, and The Real wasn't meant for Tay. Indeed she is much better off without the show and that shady ass cast! FOH 🤦🏿‍♀️😑."

This supporter revealed: "I would love to see Tamar back on! Even as a guest!💗💗💗💗💗"

A fourth person claimed: "This how I Feel That should happen ... so it could benefit all Of Them. They Should Meet up Privately .. not on the Show .. but Maybe have Tamar New Show Cameras There Recording for it .. and then Go To The Real .. cause all it’s gonna do is Help each other."

Tamar might be interested in a return to clear things up.


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