Loni Love Celebrates The Real's 1000th Episode With Message To Tamar Braxton - Some Fans Are Calling Her Shady!

Loni Love Celebrates The Real's 1000th Episode With Message To Tamar Braxton - Some Fans Are Calling Her Shady!
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The Real is a talk show that's one of the first of its kind giving women of color a platform to talk about world news, pop culture, and more on a major network. The show passed an amazing milestone and guests like Ellen Degeneres, Bobby Brown, and Tiny Harris stopped but to help them celebrate their 1000th episode.

Amanda Seales recently was named as the new permanent co-host in place of Tamar Braxton who was fired abruptly.

Loni Love is believed by both fans and Braxton herself to have a hand in getting her booted from the series she helped put together.

During a speech, Loni decided to include Tamar when talking about the success of the show.

'We also want to say something. I want to say Tamar Braxton, you are still our sister. This is your 1,000th episode too.'

In September, Tamar appeared on the Wendy Williams Show where she was asked if she would come back to the show. The Braxtons Family Values star said that she doesn't want to be anyone's marketing tool.

Love and the co-hosts clapped back the same day.

'First of all, thank you for calling us a ‘cute show.’ We’re also an Emmy winning show. Tamar Braxton was your guest and we appreciate the fact that you brought us up. I just want to be full disclosure. It’s been three years, I don’t know why you guys keep talking about this whole situation. The show has reached out to her. Tamar, nobody’s trying to use you as a marketing tool, sweetie. You apologized to us over the summer and we just thought, to close the circle, like what Wendy did yesterday with NeNe, to mend fences, that was the intention. That is it. You are still welcome, my dear.'

That escalated into a social media feud with Tamar versus Loni.

It's clear that Tamar has moved past from dealing with the ladies so many people posted in the comment section of the Shade Room that it was unnecessary to mention Tamar.

'Tamar don't even like ya'll,' one simply wrote.

Another added: 'eave Tamar alone! Why do you keep bringing this back up!? Jesus let her be.'

This person said: 'This was hella shady. Ion like dat.'

Do you think Loni was being genuine?

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