Logic Buys A $226,000 Pokémon Card After Retiring From The Rap Game

Logic Buys A $226,000 Pokémon Card After Retiring From The Rap Game
Credit: Source: HipHop-N-More.com

Following Logic's retirement from the rap game, Hot New Hip Hop reported today, the performing artist has been enjoying his cash but in a very peculiar way. Fans of the rapper know he recently quit performing for good after the release of his last record.

As it was previously reported, Logic , who hails from Maryland, revealed he was going to no longer rap and make albums anymore because he wanted to become a Twitch streamer, and also raise his child with his wife.

Fans of Logic know he has a reputation for being a nerd, but it's never something anyone has ever successfully shamed him for. Logic has been adamant at staying true to his roots ever since he first became famous as a recording artist.

However, rather than spend his oodles of cash on things like jewelry, clothing, or cars, Logic chose to spend his money in an entirely different way from most rappers. Reportedly, Logic spent $226,000 on a vintage Pokemon card of Charizard.

It's the first edition of the card ever, and Logic paid several hundred grand to own it. It's reportedly the highest bid on such a collectible ever, although it was recently revealed that Logan Paul paid $216,000 for a base set booster box.

On his Instagram this weekend, Logic announced he had purchased the rare Pokemon card, explaining how when he was a kid, he always loved the cards but his family never had the money to pay for them. Put simply, Logic has been busy fulfilling his childhood dreams.

Logic says he even remembers trying to trade food stamps for Pokemon cards, however, now that he's an adult and he has saved all of his money over the last few years, he now has the means to pay for things he truly loves.

The rapper went on to say that it wasn't about getting the material possession, it's more about getting the experience that he missed out on as a kid. Earlier this year, Logic was in the headlines when he and Joe Budden were feuding online. 

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