Logan Paul Stands Up For Jake Paul Amid Looting Allegations

Logan Paul Stands Up For Jake Paul Amid Looting Allegations
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During a new episode of his podcast, Impaulsive , Logan Paul explained his feelings toward Jake Paul's appearence at a shopping center in Arizona that was under siege by looters and delinquents.

Us Magazine picked up on the podcast on Tuesday in which Logan said it was "hard" for him because he loves his brother to death. According to Paul, Jake is his brother, and even though they might not always like and respect each other, they're joined by blood.

According to Logan, he spoke with Jake on the phone around the same time that the news media picked up on the story, and Jake said he was having dinner with friends in the area. It was very "on-brand" for Jake Paul to be at a looting site, Logan remarked, but he didn't participate.

Logan described the entire ordeal as just incredibly unfortunate. With all things considered, Logan says that he doesn't believe Jake was out there looting malls and causing a ruckus among some of the other rioters amid the peaceful demonstrations.

The notorious YouTuber went on to say that any person who believes Jake would participate in such an activity was a "f*cking moron." As it was previously reported, Jake Paul was at the scene of the Fashion Square looting in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The YouTuber was surrounded by other people destroying property at the commercial center. Jake shared a video via his Instagram Stories which depicted police officers standing off against rioters. Jake supposedly says in the video that the police officers teargassed him and he wasn't even doing anything.

He captioned the video with the message, "America is in ruins." Andrew Blue, one of Jake's videographers and photographers, later uploaded additional footage at which fans used to prove their theories of Jake's purported guilt.

One social media user accused Jake, a millionaire, of looting a mall so he could upload more content to his YouTube channel. On the 31st of May, Saturday, Jake addressed the controversy, stating that he and his crew did not participate in the Arizona looting.

He said they were merely partaking in the Black Lives Matter protests like everyone else.

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