Logan Paul Announces He's Working On A Documentary About Ruining His Own Career

Logan Paul Announces He's Working On A Documentary About Ruining His Own Career
Source: etonline.com

Today, the controversial YouTube star took to his channel to post a video in which he made it very clear that he is preparing a project of big proportions. Logan Paul informed his subscribers that he is ‘actually shooting a documentary about everything that has happened this past year, all of the stuff that went down back in January, where I was in my life and kind of the psyche of what actually happened.’

As you probably already know, the Paul brother was involved in a huge scandal earlier this year when he posted a vlog shot in the Japanese so-called Suicide Forest that shockingly enough featured a dead body he and his gang had discovered.

The whole thing got him under hot water, and he had to apologize many times, but none seemed really sincere, to be honest.

Logan went on to say about his upcoming documentary: ‘I visited the high school wrestling team. Gave a little speech to the kids. Look, the bottom line is kids nowadays need inspiration. They need people to look up to, to motivate them.’

But that’s not all! Logan also acknowledges the boxing game of him vs. KSI set to take place in August at the Manchester Arena.

Jake Paul, his younger brother, as well as KSI’s younger brother Deji, will be fighting each other as well.

‘August 25th is gonna be rough for you,’ Logan addresses his opponent in the video.

‘Honestly guys, I came to a realization lately. He has been doing a lot of talking. I have been doing a lot of talking. I think I am gonna take a step back a little bit because I am extremely confident and I am at the point where I am gonna let my actions speak for me now. By actions, I mean my fists,' he adds.

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