Lizzo Hit With Copyright Lawsuit Over Her Song 'Truth Hurts'

Lizzo Hit With Copyright Lawsuit Over Her Song 'Truth Hurts'
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It looks like the music industry is encumbered by another copyright lawsuit. According to a Friday court filing revealed by Variety, three songwriters dropped a lawsuit against Lizzo claiming they haven't been given proper credit for their work on her hit song, "Truth Hurts."

Last October, Lizzo sued all three songwriters, including Justin Rothman, Jeremiah Raisen, and Justin, for the purpose of removing their names as writers of the song.

This Friday, the group of men claimed in their court filing that her song, "Truth Hurts," is similar to the song they wrote with her just a few months prior, "Healthy." Their attorney, Lawrence Iser, said in a statement that Lizzo was a "talented musician and performer" who has been enjoying a lot of success lately for a song she didn't write on her own.

The men and their attorney want a judgment from the court regarding the song, "Truth Hurts," on the purported fact that it was spawned in the home of Justin Raisen as part of a collaboration with the other men, including Yves Rothman and Jeremiah Raisen.

Their lawyer went on to say that they looked forward to presenting their case in a court of law, in which they'll show musicology, photographs, videos, and recordings to prove without a reasonable doubt that they deserve some of the credit and money.

The countersuit also claims a musicologist found many similarities between the two tracks, including in both lyrical and musical style. For instance, both songs open with the line, "I just did a DNA test - turns out I'm a 100% that b*tch."

Moreover, they claim there are other similarities such as the use of the piano, Lizzo's singing style, and also the organization of verses and choruses. Earlier, Lizzo and her lawyers claimed the Raisens had given up the rights to the song in a written waiver.

When the controversy first hit the media, Lizzo took to her social media to deny allegations that they helped her write the song. She insisted there was nobody in the room except herself, Ricky Reed, and her "tears."

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