Lizzo Has Great Advice For People When It Comes To Self-Love!

Lizzo Has Great Advice For People When It Comes To Self-Love!
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The singer is determined to do good and encourage her fans to take care of themselves and their mental health. Lizzo was in attendance at the We Can Survive benefit concert that is supporting the American Cancer Society and she made sure to promote self-care while there.

The show was sold-out and included a list of big names in the industry alongside Lizzo such as Camila Cabello, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Marshmello, the Jonas Brothers, Halsey and Becky G!

As always, Lizzo took this opportunity as well, to promote important things such as body positivity and self-love in general.

‘I want people to just feel good! We can heal the world but first of all, we have to heal ourselves. Your energy's important tonight,’ she shared with the audience during her speech on stage.

And that was not the only instance in which she talked about that.

Throughout the entire concert, she went on to preach about self-care some more and even revealed something she has been doing lately to help herself.

One clip posted by 97.1 AMP Radio features Lizzo saying: ‘Sometimes it can be just as important as standing up for yourself, honoring all your emotions, always speaking your mind and just taking your time. I just practiced self care and I think you are going to be really proud of me. Guess what I did? I finally blocked this guy on Instagram and deleted his number! Self care, boo, self care.’

That seems like great advice!

The singer also explained what the We Can Survive benefit really meant to her: ‘The fact that all benefits go to the American Cancer society personally means a lot to me, means a lot to my family and I know so many people here personally relate to and appreciate the fact that this night benefits cancer research so thank you to anybody who helped put this on. It is so awesome.’

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