Lizzo Gives Show Stopping Performance Of Truth Hurts At BET Awards After Revealing Her Depression Battle

Lizzo Gives Show Stopping Performance Of Truth Hurts At BET Awards After Revealing Her Depression Battle
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Lizzo gave one of the best performances of the night at the 2019 BET Awards. Her flute rendition of 'Truth Hurts' had everyone in the audience, including Rihanna jamming out.

The Minnesota native has been setting the music world on fire with her sophomore album, Cuz I Love You and fast-growing social media presence. Based on her BET performance, it is easy to see why everyone is talking about the talented beauty.

She appeared on stage atop a giant wedding cake, dressed as one of the most gorgeous brides ever. The voluptuous singer sang her heart out during the spirited performance. Lizzo even twerked showing off the tassels on her booty!

There was so much love for the singer when she got done putting on the show of a lifetime it is hard to imagine Lizzo feeling anything other than pure joy and happiness.

However, a day before her show-stopping performance, the 31-year-old shocked fans by sharing on Instagram, she battles depression .

"I'm depressed, and there's no one I can talk to because there's nothing anyone can do about it. Life hurts," shared the woman who sings all about body positivity.

In a series of emotional and powerful Instagram posts, Lizzo got candid about her struggle. She explains despite her newfound stardom, there is this constant feeling of being "ghosted by the world." Lizzo also revealed when she loves, she loves hard, and it can lead to her depression episodes.

A critical aspect of her post is that Lizza knows the low moments will pass. It doesn't mean getting through the depression isn't difficult. She has just learned the dark times' end. The knowledge the moment will pass and not last forever, has helped the singer as she continues to have issues with sadness.

People all over the world are falling in love with Lizzo. It isn't only her music that has people talking but her bold red carpet looks, as well as her fun social media tutorials. The one on twerking earned her a lot of praise from social media, no wonder she is becoming such an influencer.

However, Lizzo is sharing anyone can battle depression. Looks can be deceiving, and even though on the outside all appears right, on the inside, a person just might be falling apart.

Those who aren't following Lizzo on social media need to ASAP. She is one to watch for sure. Plus, she is highly entertaining.

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