Lizzo Gets Emotional About How Terrible 'Fame' Is In New TikTok Post

Lizzo Gets Emotional About How Terrible 'Fame' Is In New TikTok Post
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In a new TikTok video, Lizzo shared her experiences with fame and how difficult it has been. It's been a little over a year since Lizzo became a huge star in the music business, Hot New Hip Hop reported today, but it's clear it hasn't always been a good time for her.

Lizzo has toured all over the country, performed on stage, put out hit singles, won Grammys, and has appeared at a whole host of award ceremonies including the NAACP Image Awards, the iHeart Music Awards, and the Grammys, just to name a few.

According to Lizzo, however, who took to TikTok to share what she has been going through, fame hasn't been that fulfilling for a number of reasons. Lizzo said in her post that "fame only puts a magnifying glass on the s**t that you already have."

She added that if what's under the radar is "f*cked up," then it only gets magnified to the extreme. The singer-songwriter said the situation was hard to cope with because there are many moments where she is hurt by the negative attention, in conjunction with a sense of shame for not being able to look past it and feel more gratitude for her success and opportunities.

Lizzo urged her fans and followers to work out their problems right now because once you get "money, fame, or success" a lot of those problems will only be magnified to the extreme. Lizzo said that "it's always gonna haunt you like a f*cking ghost," if you don't handle your problems first and directly at the source.

Fans of Lizzo have come to appreciate her hot-takes on various social issues and causes. For instance, earlier this year, Lizzo touched on the "body positivity" movement and how she thought the movement had turned into something else.


The pop-star explained how she thought the movement had left behind the "18-plus" crowd of women and opted more for much smaller, thinner women. Lizzo also said she noticed how a lot of "thinner white women" had got involved.

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