Lizzo Appears To Drag Future And Swae Lee And The Two Rappers' Fans React Angrily

Lizzo Appears To Drag Future And Swae Lee And The Two Rappers' Fans React Angrily
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Lizzo took to social media to seemingly diss Future and Swae Lee, arguing that if they can be considered rappers so can she! That being said, their fans were not happy at all about it so the Juice rapper needed to explain what she meant by that.

It sounds like Lizzo wanted to make a point that her genre of music is more than just pop and she dragged in rappers Future and Swae Lee for good measure, getting an angry reaction from the two’s supporters.

The ‘Truth Hurts’ singer, fittingly enough, tweeted that ‘Sometimes I get pissed that there are people who call future and swae lee rappers and still question whether I belong in the rap conversation or not…But then I remember that I have the #4 song in the country, I laugh, go back to my dream job and log off.’

It definitely sounds like she posted this to boast about her own career while taking shots at Future and Swae Lee and that is exactly what their fans thought as well.

But after they came after her, the woman decided to explain what she really meant and deleted the original tweet.

Here are a few of the angry comments: ‘Why lizzo out here being toxic to swae lee like cmon this dude the mr rogers of hip hop rn.’ / ‘Ay man i like lizzo and all but until she releases a song better than March Madness, Future slander won’t be tolerated.’ / ‘Lizzo compared herself to Future as a rapper?? that flute got her feeling mighty confident.’

As the backlash got bigger and bigger, Lizzo responded, arguing that she actually loves both Future and Swae Lee and that everyone misunderstood what she was trying to say.

‘I’m just saying we all share a similar rap sing style…,’ she explained, even giving two examples of the ‘rap/sing’ style they all use in their music: Swae Lee’s Sunflower and Future’s The Wizrd.

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