'Little Women LA's Briana Renee May Not Have To Testify Against Troubled Ex-Husband

'Little Women LA's Briana Renee May Not Have To Testify Against Troubled Ex-Husband
Credit: Source: Radar Online

This new development comes just in the nick of time. 'Little Women LA' alum Briana Renee may not have to testify in Matt Grundhoffer's sickening court case.

The reality star's ex-husband is being accused of taking advantage of an underage patient at a medical facility that he worked at nearly a decade ago. The unnamed victim is suing the state and the facility.

According to Radar Online, the sexual abuse case is going to mediation.

"In order to provide the best chance of resolution at mediation and, to the extent possible, minimize litigation-related expenses, the parties agree, with the Court’s consent, to completing expert opinion disclosure or reports, as well as expert depositions, following the mediation in this matter, along with any depositions or related discovery efforts that the parties mutually agree upon."

The original filing explained the accusations: "Grundhoffer manipulated that vulnerability by grooming [Plaintiff] during their counseling sessions for a romantic relationship and breached his ethical duties by engaging in a sexual relationship with [Plaintiff] while she was a patient, a minor child and held at CSTC."

This entire situation has been a complete nightmare for the mother of two. After publicly being shamed time and time again by her then-husband Matt, she was forced to leave the show when it was revealed that she divorced Grundhoffer after finding sexually explicit messages between him and another woman that discussed bestiality and sexual acts with minors.

Matt has a record that was brought into the light on the show. In addition to being a cheater, Briana's ex was accused of having a fetish for little people and transgender women.

Luckily, Renee was able to move on and is in a new relationship. She has an active restraining order against the troubled man that protects her and the son that they share.


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