Little Women LA Star Christy Gibel Pregnant With Her New Boyfriend's Baby -- Gonzo Carazo Reacts!

Little Women LA Star Christy Gibel Pregnant With Her New Boyfriend's Baby -- Gonzo Carazo Reacts!
Credit: Source: Monsters and Critics

Christy Gibel is in the middle of a nasty split from Todd Gibel. It turns out that the Little Women LA star is pregnant with her new boyfriend's baby!

Todd blasted the 42-year-old for leaving him for Gonzo Carazo just months back after he found emails of the two planning their happily ever after . The reality star insisted that she and Gonzo were just friends until after she decided to separate from her husband of five years.

TMZ and Radar Online were the first to break the news that McGinity was expecting a little one with her new beau.

Gonzo exclusively spoke to Radar about the moment he found out that she was expecting.

'This will be a new experience. I never thought because of her age that Christy could get pregnant again. I was speechless at first, quiet. I didn’t know how to react. Eventually I got excited about this new journey in my life. My stomach was in knots as it was a lot to take in. overall, I’m happy because I love Christy!'


A source close to the family opened up about the type of household the baby will be raised in.

'To bring up a baby surrounded with nothing but love care and support. They have a great support group and Christy’s daughter. Autumn Taylor, is so overjoyed and can’t wait to help her mom and best friend through this.'

The most surprising part about this pregnancy is that she and Todd were allegedly supposed to be trying for a baby a few seasons ago on the show. In one of the most court filings where Christy asked for an annulment, she claimed that she had never had sex with Todd and the storyline was just for the show!

She may use the fact that she's only been dating Gonzo for five months and almost instantly conceived as backup to her shocking claim.

Congratulations to Christy and Gonzo.


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