'Little Women LA' Star Christy Gibel Has Had Enough: Files Restraining Order Against Her Husband After He Accuses Her Of Cheating

'Little Women LA' Star Christy Gibel Has Had Enough: Files Restraining Order Against Her Husband After He Accuses Her Of Cheating
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'Little Women LA' star Christy Gibel has had enough of her husband's antics. So much so that she has filed a restraining order against Todd Gibel.

This may or may not come as a surprise for viewers of the Lifetime reality show depending on how you interpret their hot and cold relationship. Christy went under the knife and has lost over 30 pounds making her health better than ever and she has been pushing Todd to fix his knee so he can become more mobile.

She's explained multiple times that his immobility puts a heavy strain on their marriage. The couple has only been married for five years but has seemingly had trouble from the jump.

In an article written by TMZ, Christy asked for a protective order against Todd for her and her daughter. Some of the reasons listed include impersonation via email and social media, destroying her mail, raising the house temperature to 'unbearable' levels.

The 41-year-old's husband has been signaling that there was trouble in paradise via his social media page. Todd took to Instagram to say that he is suffering from depression and is seeking professional help.


He went on to accuse Christy of cheating on him.

"With the exception of one evening to come home and repack to leave again Christy has not been home since 4/17. I've come to fully understand it was the void created by my absence, my stupid spending habits, and just my total lack on every level that pushed Christy down that road and I take full responsibility for it. But the thing I will never understand is why she sent me an email on 4/8 entitled "Please read a cry for help!" saying "Todd I love you but I think you need to get help and I think you're in a rut right now and I'm here for you but I really refuse to let you treat me like a roommate..." and then started an online affair with another little person from New York named Gonzalo Carazo."

He went on to say: "This would explain though why during the late afternoon on 4/17 she out of the blue bought herself and Autumn one way tickets to Vegas and left hours later.  She told me it was to visit her ailing father, give Autumn a girl's trip she promised her, and to work on her upcoming book. I believe all that to be true. She just left out the part about the affair.  I will also never understand why immediately after she told her publicist @blu_pr about her affair with Gonzalo Carazo that they then tried to organize a meet & greet in NYC as a cover for Christy to visit Gonzalo. I'm here to say that I take full responsibility that my void pushed Christy in a direction to look for affection elsewhere, but I will refuse to take responsibility for Gonzo Carazo & Julie Anderson's @blu_pr actions."

What do you think about these shocking accusations?

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