Little Women LA Star Christy Gibel Asks For Annulment Of Todd Gibel Marriage Due To This Shocking Claim!

Little Women LA Star Christy Gibel Asks For Annulment Of Todd Gibel Marriage Due To This Shocking Claim!
Credit: Source: Radar Online

Little Women LA star Christy Gibel has completely moved on from her estranged husband Todd Gibel. Now she is asking the court to annul her marriage for the most shocking reason.

Christy claims that her nuptials should be null and void due to the fact that she was in a sexless marriage that was never even consummated! She is also accusing Todd of financial fraud according to TMZ.

This comes after the reality star put a restraining order on her husband of five years that also covers her 19-year-old daughter autumn. Gibel says that she and Todd had been at odds for quite some time.

When she finally decided to tell him she wanted out in April, Todd reportedly became irate.

'On or about April 18, 2019, I told respondent that our marriage was not working, and we should figure out our next steps. I mentioned that I was concerned for his wellbeing and asked him repeatedly to seek help – this was a common occurrence during our marriage. Respondent began to yell and threaten me. Even as far as to throw/break household items.'

Meanwhile, the bitter husband accused Christy of cheating on him with her new boyfriend and moving out to be with the man in question.

As far as the 'sexless marriage,' he admits that it has been some time since they've been intimate but they have absolutely slept together since they said 'I Do.'

Fans of Little Women may recall seeing Christy's daughter Autumn confront her mom for hearing them being intimate while trying for a baby but Christy says that it was just for the cameras.

The mom introduced her fans to her new beau in an Instagram post that read: 'I love this man, finally someone who treats me well and doesn’t Steal from me. #littlewomenla#TheTruthWillComeOut #Love#CheersHaters #StayTuned#NewLifeBetterLife.'

Do you think Christy should be granted an annulment?

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  • Ettenaj
    Ettenaj Aug 12, 2019 7:13 AM PDT

    Is Terra the only person who had mentioned that to Christy? No!! I think she's just using that as a reason to move on now that the show has given her popularity or just to get away from Todd. However I think the latter would have been a good reason. She should have left Todd long ago. He does not want to do anything to help himself, she spent her whole life trying to elevate him but he does not want to be helped. He also looks at her in an evil way. I saw it coming and I'm glad she did

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