LisaRaye Says She Wants An 'Entanglement' Drama With Will Smith

LisaRaye Says She Wants An 'Entanglement' Drama With Will Smith
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LisaRaye McCoy recently came out to say that she wouldn't be opposed to hooking up with the I, Robot actor, Will Smith. During her appearence on the Going to Bed podcast alongside Sherri Shepard, McCoy and the other two women dished on some of the most fun topics, including sexual relationships.

Garcelle, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, asked LisaRaye who she thought her ideal man would be. Garcelle said to LisaRaye that she didn't have to say what man that would be, but rather, describe what he's like.

LisaRaye didn't hesitate for a moment when giving her an answer. LisaRaye said to her, "oh, I can tell you right now, Will Smith ." Garcelle has reportedly already dated Will Smith in the past, and she told her Will was off the market because of his marriage to Jada Pinkett-Smith.

LisaRaye joked, "we can have an entanglement," obviously in reference to the couple's recent scandal regarding August Alsina. As most know, Jada and Will were all over the headlines in recent weeks after Alsina came out to say he and Jada had once been in a relationship together.

As for why she chose Will Smith, LisaRaye claimed Will has many different qualities, including being "rich," "charming," "poetic," and a great father, among other descriptors.

As it was just noted, Will Smith and Jada's relationship was called into question for the umpteenth time earlier this summer when Alsina admitted to an affair with Jada while she and her husband were on a break a few years back.

Will and Jada's relationship has always been under the microscope by the entertainment news circuit, so for many fans, it merely proved what had already been rumored. Either way, the situation was ostensibly embarrassing for Will, who was put on blast by people in the hip-hop and black community.

For instance, 50 Cent, also known as Curtis Jackson, asked Will through direct messages why his wife was publicly talking about their relationship woes . Smith reportedly responded, "f*ck you," although some believed the message exchange wasn't real.

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