LisaRaye Holds Nothing Back As She Slams Nicole Murphy For Being A Homewrecker!

LisaRaye Holds Nothing Back As She Slams Nicole Murphy For Being A Homewrecker!
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Nicole Murphy is already receiving backlash for her Italian rendezvous with married director Antoine Fuqua. This morning, Eddie Murphy's ex-wife was called out by LisaRaye McCoy for behaving inappropriately with her ex-husband too.

Over a decade ago in the celebrity rumor circuit, a story about Nicole and Michael Misick having an affair while he was with McCoy circulated. Which is why it was no surprise to some when LisaRaye was one of the first public figures to comment on the story about Murphy smooching another married man.

The All Of Us star said: 'Gurl @nikimurphy you went after @iamlelarochon husband too?…smh So wrong….again!!!'

Lisa's sister, rapper Da Brat, confirmed on Dish Nation that many women (including Nicole) went after Lisa's husband.


TMZ caught up with the actress who didn't mince words when asked about the situation.

'That's true. That's absolutely true. Here's the thing, we've all done something that we regret. We've all made mistakes and we have to learn from that. But when you start doing it and being messy enough to do it amongst family, how does a 'family kiss' turn into an 'I'm sorry' apology? What do you mean? You didn't know that she was married? We all knew that she was married! And that was 20 years. That's history. You don't do that amongst friends because there's no loyalty there. There's no loyalty. You gotta look up, and the person you invited to your house and you celebrating your birthdays and you're going to games with, you gotta look up and they're in Italy with your husband? Bulls***.'

She also spoke on how Lela Rochon (Antoine's wife) must be feeling at the moment.

'It's hard, because I know she's sad and messed up about this and embarrassed about this, because she had someone that she used to see around right next to her to be able to go, 'What? Really? Why?'

McCoy also spoke on whether she thinks Murphy is a homewrecker or not.

'I don't know if she's a homewrecker or not — I can't say that. But I know what she's doing in people's homes is wrecking it.'

Meanwhile, sources close to Nicole are claiming that she has no idea what LisaRaye is talking about and denies any wrongdoing with Misick.

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