Lisa Vanderpump Will Not Stop Clapping Back At Her Former ‘RHOBH’ Co-Stars Anytime Soon - Here's Why!

Lisa Vanderpump Will Not Stop Clapping Back At Her Former ‘RHOBH’ Co-Stars Anytime Soon - Here's Why!
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According to a brand new report, Lisa Vanderpump is not planning to stop clapping back at her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars anytime soon. Apparently, she wants one thing to happen first before she will finally move on and ignore them online as much as she does in real life.

As fans know, LVP’s last episode on RHOBH, shot before her exit, aired on July 9 but that’s not to say she’s broken all ties with her former fellow castmates.

Lisa is still throwing shade at some of them a month later!

One insider tells HollywoodLife, however, that she is not trying to start any drama.

Instead, Lisa believes she’s doing something she needs to and that is to defend herself.

‘Lisa is disappointed over the accusations these women made against her. It’s hard for her to sit back and not say things on social media as she feels they still are taking digs at her,’ the source claims.

They went on to dish that she is ‘disenchanted with them and the situations they’ve created in general over all of this. It got very out of hand. Until they stop talking about her on social media, she has no intentions of stopping when she feels a need to speak up or defend herself. She just doesn’t sit around and talk about them or the show at all anymore. It’s not worth her energy as she’s trying to get to a better place after dealing with so much drama and turmoil this year.’

Lisa truly went through a lot last year. Not only did she have a lot of drama with her co-stars but she also lost her brother and then mother, all the while she was attacked from every side amid the PuppyGate scandal.

The negativity on the show was too much in the end and Lisa, who had been refusing to film with the other ladies for months, left Real Housewives for good.


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