Lisa Vanderpump Upset Her Cast Mates Are Mocking Husband Ken Todd's ‘Goodbye Kyle’ Catchphrase

Lisa Vanderpump Upset Her Cast Mates Are Mocking Husband Ken Todd's ‘Goodbye Kyle’ Catchphrase
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As it seems, Lisa Vanderpump is not at all happy that co-star Kyle Richards and her pals decided to mock Ken Todd’s ‘Goodbye, Kyle!’ quote. One insider shared with HollywoodLife that the Vanderpump Rules star feels protective over the man.

Todd’s kicking Kyle Richards out of his and wife Lisa’s home and yelling ‘Goodbye, Kyle’ has become quite an infamous moment.

That being said, it looks like Richards stopped by Lisa’s restaurant a couple of days ago and while there, she kept making fun of her husband by repeating the words he shouted at her.

As a result, Lisa, who has been feuding with Kylie for a while now, is pretty upset about it.

The source told the outlet that ‘Lisa finds it insulting that the women of RHOBH are posting videos mocking Ken. Lisa's embarrassed she yelled at Kyle. However, she's so protective of her husband and hates to see other people make fun of him. Lisa loves Ken with all of her heart and they're both very protective of one another. Lisa knows that Ken was just stepping in to defend his wife and he would do it again in a heartbeat if he felt like he needed to.’

Besides, these days it feels like Lisa is alone against the world since she doesn’t have many friends on the show that would defend her.

Allegedly, ‘It’s really all of the ladies in the cast versus Lisa. She still talks to Camille and Denise here and there, but really, that is it. She is close with former housewife Joyce Giraud, but she is not on the show anymore.’

However, the source noted that Lisa still has a lot of support, even though it’s not from her cast members.

After all, she has surrounded herself with her kids, nephews as well as her Vanderpump Rules and Vanderpump Dogs Rescue employees.


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