Lisa Vanderpump ‘Understands’ Billie Lee’s Choice To Leave ‘Vanderpump Rules’ And Is Not Mad - Here's Why!

Lisa Vanderpump ‘Understands’ Billie Lee’s Choice To Leave ‘Vanderpump Rules’ And Is Not Mad - Here's Why!
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Since she was in Billie Lee’s shoes before, Lisa Vanderpump totally understands her choice not to sign the contract to shoot another Vanderpump Rules season. In other words, the star is not at all offended her employee quit.

According to an insider report, LVP can empathize with Billie Lee since she went through a similar thing on Real Housewives.

One source previously told HollywoodLife that Billie exited Vanderpump Rules and ‘never signed a contract.’

Now, another insider tells the outlet that even though it’s her show, ‘Lisa supports whatever Billie wants to do as far as being on the show or not. She truly understands what it’s like to be in Billie’s shoes as she just went through it herself on Housewives.’

Just like Billie, Lisa also left Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because of her issues with her fellow castmates on that series.

Lisa stated last month during an interview with DailyMailTV  that she has ‘no inclination to reunite with the women who’ve been harassing [her] for 10 months now.’

But while Lisa even skipped the reunion episode so that she could avoid the other Housewives, it sounds like Billie found a few people that were on her side.

‘Billie has found support in [Tom] Sandoval whom she’s grown very close with, as well as James [Kennedy]. James will miss her since she’s such an ally for him, but he gets it. They all just want Billie to be happy and agree it is probably what’s best for her,’ the insider dished.

All in all, the drama was really not healthy for Billie since it was apparently starting to really mess ‘with her mental wellbeing.’

But what really made her to quit was the fact that production was pushing for a storyline saying she and Sandoval hooked up, which she insists is not true.


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