Lisa Vanderpump To Leave ‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills!’

Lisa Vanderpump To Leave ‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills!’

Lisa Vanderpump is pretty much done with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It looks like the reality TV star has decided to leave the show as it’s gotten a little to real for her lately.

According to trusty insiders, the 56 year old star is sick and tired of all the scandals and never-ending drama this season and she wants out!

“Lisa is over all of the fighting going on right now, and has only stayed on the show this long because it gave her a platform to raise awareness for her animal activism causes,” shared the source adding that she has become desensitized to being judged by others but cannot get used to the constant fights on the show – they just get on her nerves!

“But she cannot stand the cattiness, and she really does not care what anyone thinks of her anymore.”

As fans of the show may be aware of, the reality TV star, business owner and founder of The Vanderpump Pets Foundation is opening up a pet rescue and adoption center in Los Angeles next month.

Furthermore, the source also claimed that Lisa along with her husband, Todd are planning to document their new venture and turn it into another reality TV show.

“Lisa is now in late stage talks with the network executives about starting another spin-off reality show, focused on her new pet place,” the source stated, adding that she could leave Real Housewives behind and she would regret nothing considering it’s been grinding her gears for a while now.

“She has gotten so incredibly wealthy off this, but she is tired of the stress that the show causes her.”


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