Lisa Vanderpump Says Her Husband Got The COVID-19 Vaccine

Lisa Vanderpump Says Her Husband Got The COVID-19 Vaccine
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Page Six says Ken Todd , Lisa Vanderpump 's husband, got his vaccine alongside health care workers in the LA area. Reportedly, Ked managed to get one of the 150 nearly-spoiled vaccines that were just a few hours from going bad, TMZ claims.

Todd's doctor said to him that he should go to the Men's Health Clinic in Inglewood because he was not only in the high-risk age bracket but also because of his preexisting conditions that make him especially susceptible to the virus.

Reportedly, Todd waited alongside Lisa for his shot ( Lisa Vanderpump didn't end up getting a vaccine). According to Page Six, the LA clinic is just one among many that are dealing with the problem of whether to throw away vials or to ignore the LA County's priority list.

Currently, Los Angeles is in phase 1A, which means medical workers, emergency personnel, and nursing home residents will receive vaccinations. Put simply, those who are at the most risk of catching the virus (and/or dying from it) will be vaccinated first.

Due to his age and situation, Todd is currently in the second phase of stage 1, "1B." TMZ says health officials of LA County are doing everything they can to make sure clinics follow the rules of distribution. They're doing so to ensure transparency and efficacy, however, they can't guarantee that every clinic will follow guidelines.

Followers of the news reports surrounding the coronavirus pandemic know that the world is currently dealing with the second wave. Many western nations around the world have implemented measures like curfews and other strict mandates to stop the spread of COVID-19.

For example, the Canadian province of Quebec, just started their 5:00 am to 8:00 pm curfew on the 9th of January, 2020. They've followed cities like San Francisco who have already implemented curfews in the past, in addition to countries such as France.

As for other celebrity vaccinations, it was reported earlier today - also by Page Six - that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip had just received their shots.

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