Lisa Vanderpump 'RHOBH', 'Vanderpump Rules' Collecting Supplies For Humans And Animals Due To California Wildfires

Lisa Vanderpump 'RHOBH', 'Vanderpump Rules' Collecting Supplies For Humans And Animals Due To California Wildfires
Credit: Source: Lisa Vanderpump/Instagram

Reality star Lisa Vanderpump ( RHOBH, Vanderpump Rules ) is collecting donated supplies at her LA dog shelter to assist those in need due to the California wildfires. Those interested in donating can bring supplies to the Vanderpump Dog Rescue Center located at 8134 West Third Street, in L.A.

As California wildfires have devastated the city of Paradise and have besieged Malibu, celebrities are rising to the forefront as well as coordinating community outreaches. A number of celebrities have not only fled their homes in terrifying, last-minute departures, but several have had their homes burned to the ground.

Fire officials say they expect the winds to increase over Sunday, hindering progress in getting the fires contained. The fires are expected to blaze for at least one more week and possibly longer.

Lisa Vanderpump is currently collecting blankets, food, bottled water, emergency supplies, and anything that people want to donate that would be appropriate.

In addition to casualties and the loss of property, many pets have gone missing and the ones that have been rescued are in need of shelter. The Vanderpump Dog Rescue Center will distribute the donated goods to other shelters and rescue centers.

You may see Lisa Vanderpump's tweet below.

The California wildfires have brought out a sense of community spirit first in California and then nationwide. Apocalyptic scenes of widespread destruction have shocked the nation and left many people wanting to help.

For those not in Los Angeles and able to contribute financially, make sure to find legitimate organizations to donate to. When in doubt, one can always make a donation through the American Red Cross. The Red Cross prefers monetary donations as they can use the funds and distribute it where the need is greatest.

Actor James Woods has risen to the call and has provided two hashtags that the public is using as a clearinghouse of the bulletin board. He has shared Lisa Vanderpump's tweet with his followers as well as other offers of help and assistance from other celebrities.

You may see James Woods' tweets below.

Have you been following the crisis in California? Are you going to make a donation to Lisa Vanderpump's dog rescue or another legitimate organization?


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