Lisa Vanderpump Responds To Dorit Kemsley Calling Her A Coward!

Lisa Vanderpump Responds To Dorit Kemsley Calling Her A Coward!
Credit: Source: Bravo

Lisa Vanderpump has quit the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after a season of which she refers to as '5 against 1 bullying.' After watching a sneak peek where she was slammed by Dorit Kemsley, LVP is speaking out.

Lisa not only stopped filming with the ladies of RHOBH, but she also didn't show up to the reunion, which made her former co-stars voice their opinion on why she should have been there.

Kemsley perhaps had the harshest thing to say when she stated: 'I thought Lisa, at least in this final act, would leave with her shoulders up and her head held up high and have a little bit of grace and her dignity intact and she didn’t. As far as I’m concerned, she’s bowed out like a coward. And I think that’s unfortunate… I kind of thought at least she would have done that for the people that do look at her as this regal, super-human but she’s not.'

One of Lisa's fans on Twitter pointed out that the things Dorit said were 'vile and disgusting' to which Lisa tweeted back with: 'Awful I agree.'


She also explained the difference between her decision and Adrienne Maloof's decision not to show to the reunion in season three when called out by a social media user.

'5 against one for 21 episodes...that’s the difference.'

Although there are rumors that Lisa may return to the show that she was on for nearly a decade, the restaurateur doesn't need housewives to thrive.

Between her multiple restaurants, philanthropic endeavors, and spin-off show -- Lisa feels no need to try and stay relevant.

Speaking of spin-offs, her new Vegas cocktail garden is 'slaying the game at the Ceasar's palace' according to a new report. When one fan said that it was cause for Vanderpump Rules sequel, LVP retweeted it making some believe that the rumors about a possible 'Lisa Vanderpump Multi-Verse' are coming into fruition.


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