Lisa Vanderpump Reportedly Has To Shoot One More Day For RHOBH - She's Not Excited At All!

Lisa Vanderpump Reportedly Has To Shoot One More Day For RHOBH - She's Not Excited At All!
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According to new reports, Lisa Vanderpump is still expected to shoot at least one more scene for this Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season, and she is definitely not excited about it! As fans might know, the star has been skipping cast events and has reportedly even been refusing to film with the other ladies too, so it’s not at all surprising she wants nothing more to do with the popular show.

While it’s not clear whether or not Lisa will still be part of RHOBH in the future, she’s still at least required to film one more day for this season.

That being said, one source tells HollywoodLife that she is dreading it more than anything else!

‘Lisa is still undecided when it comes to her future even though her team has been telling people she plans to quit Housewives after this season. Lisa's obligated to do one more shoot day this season, and she is not looking forward to filming her last day, but knows that she needs to do it and finish with fulfilling her obligations,’ the insider dished.

As for her future on RHOBH, the source claims Lisa is yet to let the team know if she’ll come back next season or not.

During an interview with the same news outlet not too long ago, Lisa admitted that it’s been a really hard season to shot for her.

She went on to say that ‘It was a difficult year for me, personally as well. I am in the ‘Housewives’! It isn't like I am not in it. I am definitely in it — Maybe just not as much as I should be.’

Do you think Lisa Vanderpump will return next season or is this when she is parting ways with RHOBH for good?


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  • Karen
    Karen Nov 18, 2018 3:16 AM PST

    Lisa has too much class and can't blame her for wanting out,,,the Beverly Hillbillies had more class than any of these skanky ladies...don't wear undies,,,speak made up languages...act so childish and immature,,,yuck,,,I also hope Lisa just enjoys her life...

  • Ann
    Ann Nov 17, 2018 10:00 PM PST

    I hope that Lisa Vanderpump does what she feels is best for her and her family. She has had a tough year with personal reasons that were devastating. In addition, she also is an amazing business woman which carries it’s own problems. It would be great if she could take a hiatus from the show but more than likely she will leave RHOBH for good. She still has Vanderpump Rules with her grownup kindergarten 30+ somethings and the running of her restaurants. Not to mention that her husband is getting to the age where he might want to retire. The whole group of HW shows have pretty much run for a long while and I think they all are just about done. Watching women dressed well but fighting and complaining about ridiculous issues is getting to be more than boring. Drama is for TV, good manners won’t draw an audience. Let Lisa go. She’s probably smarter than all the others and is getting out before all the shows close down.

  • Suzy
    Suzy Nov 17, 2018 6:58 PM PST

    Lisa Vanderpump is and always has been way too much of a lady to be on this show anyway. She has more class in her little finger than any of the other women. I think she’s amazing. She needs to do what’s best for her and her family.

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