Lisa Vanderpump Really ‘Stressed’ Making Funeral Arrangements After Her Mother's Passing - Here's Why!

Lisa Vanderpump Really ‘Stressed’ Making Funeral Arrangements After Her Mother's Passing - Here's Why!
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In the aftermath of her mother’s death, Lisa Vanderpump is reportedly really stressed making the funeral arrangements. Not only that, but what is making the situations even worse is the fact that she is also scheduled to attend Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s wedding tomorrow!

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Lisa is stressed out while dealing with everything after her mother’s death and she is going to be waiting until the last moment to decide if she is going to Kentucky to the wedding. Lisa was supposed to leave today, but, she never made it to London yet despite reports as the coroner’s report's taking much longer than expected.’

‘So no funeral arrangements have been made as they still do not know how her mother passed. Lisa is very touch and go at the moment and if she gets on a plane it'll be at the last second. As much as she would love to be there, she just does not know what to do. As soon as she can begin making funeral arrangements for her mom, she will be on her way to London,’ they went on to explain to the news outlet.

A separate insider also mentioned that the bride and groom to be have already sent their condolences.

That being said they would totally understand if she skipped their nuptials amid this dark time in her life.

Apparently, Brittany even cried while talking to Lisa since she’s been going through so much this past year.

She feels really bad for her and respects Lisa so much since she opened doors for her when he needed help the most.

They were excited for her to witness their ceremony but, once again, they understand a hundred percent if she doesn’t attend.


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