Lisa Vanderpump Might ‘Change Her Mind’ About Her Permanent Real Housewives Exit - Here's Why!

Lisa Vanderpump Might ‘Change Her Mind’ About Her Permanent Real Housewives Exit - Here's Why!
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Lisa Vanderpump has said, multiple times, that the ninth season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will be her last ever! However, one source tells HolywoodLife that not many people are taking her statements about leaving the show for good ‘too seriously’ and here’s why!

Just a month ago, Lisa was glad to announce, via the same news outlet, that she was done with the show.

However, one insider close to her now tells HollywoodLife that she has mixed feelings regarding her RHOBH exit.

‘Lisa Vanderpump is feeling conflicted going into this week’s finale of RHOBH. It is a mix of emotions because it is an end of an era for her and Lisa feels upset that she'll barely be shown, especially on a project she worked so hard on, Vanderpump Cocktail Garden.’

Leaving Real Housewives means losing yet another platform where she can promote and showcase her other businesses and accomplishments.

That being said, ‘Lisa knows it was her choice to not film with the other ladies, but she's still frustrated that more of her life was not shown in the final episodes. She's happy they're choosing to show her in the finale, though.’

The insider continued to dish on what could convince her to, one day, come back to RHOBH.

‘Lisa is saying she's done, but with time and maybe a cast shakeup, the door could be open for her to change her mind. Nobody's taking her saying she's done for good too seriously. There's a part of her that is sad despite her decision to walk away since the show has brought her a lot of friendships and laughter over the years. It has been an amazing platform for her and for that she is thankful.’


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  • Ellen
    Ellen Jul 9, 2019 9:49 AM PDT

    I knew that Lisa was coming back. This is is where she can acted and make trouble. Be care Lisa all the Women are up to your nonsense, lying, antic, and stiring the pot. You Realize the only real friend who stood by you when you were. Lying making up stories and attacting someone was Kyle, No one ever did that was you. Think about making up with her again, you have a long history and she was always had your back. No other housewives ever did, and she also protected you and always there for you

  • Deborah Mitchell
    Deborah Mitchell Jul 9, 2019 8:10 AM PDT

    Erika Jane needs to go!

  • Joanne
    Joanne Jul 9, 2019 1:50 AM PDT

    I really hope Lisa Vanderpump changes her mind, she the only one with class,. I hope Bravo do change the casting on series 10 get rid of Lisa Renna, Kyle, Teddi and PJ wife can't even write her name, she sicken me, can't stand her, but they are all phonies and 2 faced especially Lisa Renna, But I LOVE ERIKA JANYE. she's the most natural Lady,. She will be the next that they turn on

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