Lisa Vanderpump Looking Forward To Being On Vanderpump Rules A Lot More After Her RHOBH Exit

Lisa Vanderpump Looking Forward To Being On Vanderpump Rules A Lot More After Her RHOBH Exit
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According to a new report, Lisa Vanderpump is looking forward to being on Vanderpump Rules much more now that she’s quit the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Apparently, she is super excited to spend quality time with that cast instead of the one on RHOBH since she feuded with pretty much everyone before her exit.

The reality TV has no regrets as far as quitting Real Housewives is concerned since now she can use the time she’d be on that show to do things she is much more passionate about.

One insider tells HollywoodLife that:

‘Lisa is excited to be featured more on this season of Vanderpump Rules. At first, she was deciding what to do about returning to Housewives so she didn’t want to film for Vanderpump Rules at the same time, however, once the decision was made to quit [RHOBH], she couldn’t wait to be featured on camera more. She was hanging out with the cast much more, wanted to be included in the trips, showing up to events, etc.’

They went on to dish that ‘You will be seeing a lot more Lisa next season now that she’s got more time to film with the ‘kids’ as she calls them.’

Even though her name is in the title, Lisa has hardly been on Vanderpump Rules in the latest seasons, mainly because of her packed schedule and shooting RHOBH at the same time.

But since she is no longer a member of the cast, she can appear more on her spin-off.

Lisa has been through a lot in the past year, losing her brother to suicide, and later her mom dying as well, while also having drama on Real Housewives with the other ladies.

But she really missed filming so after her mother’s funeral in June, she wanted to go back and do it more than ever, the source says. Now she finally can!


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