Lisa Vanderpump Flies In To Attend Jax And Brittany’s Wedding After All Following Mother's Passing

Lisa Vanderpump Flies In To Attend Jax And Brittany’s Wedding After All Following Mother's Passing
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Lisa Vanderpump found the time to fly in and attend Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s wedding despite her mother’s passing! She arrived in Kentucky not too long ago even though she was not sure she could attend.

It was definitely a last moment decision but her friends are definitely happy she could come.

On June 17, Lisa’s mom passed away and she flew in to London to be with her family amid this mourning period.

But the coroner’s office is still working on finding out the woman’s cause of death and so, Lisa has been waiting to deal with the funeral details.

It looks like she’ll have to wait a bit more however, and learning this, she decided to go for it and be there for Jax and Brittany as they say their vows.

Yesterday, she arrived and Lala Kent‘s fiance Randall Emmett took to social media to post a pic of the Vanderpump Rules star with a glass of rose wine on a private plane with husband Ken Todd, indicating that they were on their way.

‘We’re here!! We love you Jax. It wasn’t easy to get here but we’re here for you on your magical day,’ he wrote in the caption, tagging the other three – Lisa, Lala and Ken.

One insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘Lisa Vanderpump is thrilled to be going to Jax and Brittany’s Wedding. She made the decision very last-minute — essentially this morning — and really didn’t tell anyone at all since she had been so touch and go. She hit the ground running immediately and filmed her first scenes since taking a hiatus due to her mother’s death right away after landing,’

They went on to explain that ‘She decided it would be good for her to go and it was better to be there having fun than sitting at home. She’ll head to London once the autopsy is completed on her mother. Filming and a joyous occasion after two weeks of mourning no doubt will lift her spirits and that’s just what she needs right now.’


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