Lisa Vanderpump 'Feels Betrayed' By Frenemy Kyle Richards

Lisa Vanderpump 'Feels Betrayed' By Frenemy Kyle Richards
Source: Bravo

Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richard were once as thick as thieves. Now, the two seem like they don't talk at all.

LVP has been missing during the taping of the upcoming season of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Whether it's cast trips or simply press events -- the Bravo fan favorite seems to be distancing herself further and further away.

It was rumored that Vanderpump quit the show altogether but it turns out that that isn't the case. She quickly took to social media to let her fans know to not believe anything they hear about her unless she's the one confirming it.

Her annual Vanderoump Dogs event was held on November 15 where she answered questions on her future with "RHOBH." The interviewer let Lisa know that Kyle allegedly misses her to which the entrepreneur responded with: "Don't tell me, show me,"

Apparently, the quip response was coming from a genuine place. An inside source says that Lisa is hurt by her co-star's actions and responses.

Hollywood Life reports that the other Housewives are the ones that won't film with LVP and not the other way around.

"Friends are concerned Lisa has been taking the fact that the other ladies won’t film with her harder than they even thought, as they feel she is not in the best place right now. She feels…nobody is calling her to say, 'Hey, come here.'"

"Friends see just how much this last year has affected her and though Lisa may act like she doesn’t care that nobody wants to film with her, she’s confiding in friends and those close to her behind the scenes because she truly does."

Kyle has changed her tune from trying to convince Lisa to stay with the show to comparing her to Where's Waldo.

What do you think is going on behind the scenes with the ladies of Beverly Hills? Do you believe Lisa's friends are not reaching out?


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  • Diane
    Diane Nov 19, 2018 4:14 PM PST

    I can only hope LVP will not leave?! I love her❤️?and everything she does, always helping someone???...She brings 'class', she's got an awesome sense of humor, she really doesn't like gossip, like some of the others....can't stand 2~faced?, big nose?and big mouth?jealous ways. OOH SURE!..some would be nice to her face but the minute they left LVP'S side any chance they got, they'd say LVP said this or that...URRR?...JUST MADE STUFF UP! One started the crap about Yolanda, LVP sat there and DIDN'T say a word!! OWN IT?!! I could go on and on, but don't want to hurt any beautiful young daughters/sons. As for Kyle, she should be ashamed of herself!! All the stuff she did, yes LVP did too, but Kyle didn't always apologize or own it when she should have?. She'll regret losing her friendship?, just to please others and kiss a** know you will?!! And lil miss Dorit.... C'MON GIRL?!!! Weren't you the one who jumped on LVP and said, “I LOVE YOU?!! GIVE ME A KISS” Thought you would NEVER EVER jeopardize your friendship, EVA....RIGHT?!! Well LVP, you've got enough to do with your restaurants, Vanderpumps Rule, especially with all your adopted kids, ? ? ! Your new restaurant, “TOMTOM”, and my favorite “RESCUE FUR BABIES” ????!!!!! LOVE YOU LVP ❤️??????❣️????? HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

  • Sara
    Sara Nov 18, 2018 10:40 AM PST

    So tired of the "poor me" attitude of LV! She is using her brother's death as on excuse not to film and the fact she got caught in a lie. Which is not the first time! Why doesn't she pick up the phone and have a PRIVATE conversation with Kyle, Lisa, Erica, Teddy, why should they make the first move. Frankly I would not miss her, "I'm most important!" attitude on the show. She has her other one, which I hate.

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