Lisa Rinna Seems To Throw Shade At ‘Phony’ Denise Richards Following RHOBH Reunion Drama!

Lisa Rinna Seems To Throw Shade At ‘Phony’ Denise Richards Following RHOBH Reunion Drama!
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In the aftermath of that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, it looks like Lisa Rinna took to her platform of choice to throw some subtle shade at none other than co-star Denise Richards ! The reality TV celeb apparently called the other Housewife a ‘phony.’

Not only that but, she also seemingly suggested that she should have just ‘run’ away from their friendship long ago.

Judging by this post, it seems like the drama from the reunion is not even close to being over in spite of the episode having ended already.

In the message that Lisa Rinna posted, she told fans: ‘You have to be true to yourself and if you find out that your friend of 20 years is a phony? run.’

While she obviously did not name drop Denise Richards in her shady post, there is no doubt that it was directed at her longtime friend.

After all, this comes after serious drama between the two Housewives during the RHOBH reunion episode.

After it aired, Lisa Rinna’s other longtime friend and new addition to the cast, Garcelle Beauvais, unfollowed her on social media in order to supposedly show support to Denise Richards!

As for Denise, she has been involved in a cheating scandal with Brandi Glanville, who claims the two had an affair for months.

Denise, however, has been denying vehemently that there was ever anything like that between them or that she and her husband have an open marriage.

All through the season, the audience has seen Lisa Rinna drag Denise, calling her a hypocrite and more, all the while the latter would get cease and desist orders just to force the ladies to end with the affair rumors.

Prior to the reunion, one insider close to Lisa Rinna shared with HollywoodLife that the star would not be surprised at all if Denise Richards ended up leaving the show.


‘Rinna thinks Denise will walk away from the show after this season. It’s really sad because they were friends for so long, but they are not interested in speaking with each other or repairing their friendship,’ the source told the news outlet.


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