Lisa Rinna Puts Her Beach Body On Full Display In New Sultry Bathing Suit Photo

Lisa Rinna Puts Her Beach Body On Full Display In New Sultry Bathing Suit Photo
Credit: Source: Lisa Rinna/Instagram

Lisa Rinna is putting her beach body on full display in new sultry bathing suit photos that she shared on her official Instagram account. With 2.3 million followers, Lisa is one of the most popular cast members of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills  and she showed off her fabulous figure while wearing a lacy, black PQ Swim bikini. It's hard to believe that Lisa is 56-years-old as she looks years younger and doesn't have a drop of fat on her. She's aging beautifully and looks like a sister to her two-beautiful daughters that she shares with her husband Harry Hamlin rather than their mother. Harry and Lisa are parents to 21-year-old Delilah and 18-year-old Amelia.

Posing with her hands behind her head, Lisa Rinna stood in her bathroom with her dark hair brushed back. She gave a sultry look at the camera and didn't smile. She wore very light to no makeup and she showcased her flawless abs. Unbelievable as it may seem,  Lisa Rinna birthed two children and yes, her stomach is completely flat. The photo comes at a time when many people around the world (celebrities included) are gaining weight due to the Coronavirus quarantine.

Clearly, Lisa Rinna didn't get the memo that she's allowed to indulge in comfort foods during this time. It looks like Coronavirus is no excuse for Lisa Rinna to dive into macaroni and cheese or hot fudge sundaes!

You may see the fabulous photo Lisa Rinna shared where she showed off her flawless figure in a black, PQ Swim bikini below.

Photos like the one Lisa recently shared stir curiosity as to how the actress stays in tip-top shape. Many ask what her diet is like and if she has a particular workout routine. Speaking previously to OWN, Lisa revealed that she works out regularly and described it as a habit, similar to brushing her teeth.

She's also referred to herself as a "dirty vegan" saying she aims for plant-based meals primarily, but if she feels like eating meat she won't deprive herself. Lisa's key to looking and feeling her best is moderation. She won't deny herself a treat, but she won't add treats on a daily basis. For Lisa, looking and feeling her best is her motivation.

Many agree that when it comes to looking her best, Lisa Rinna has mapped out a plan that has worked for her!

What do you think about Lisa Rinna's bikini photo? Can you believe she is 56-years-old?

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