Lisa Rinna Looks Gorgeous As A Blonde But Very Much Unlike Herself — Check Out The Pics Of The RHOBH Star

Lisa Rinna Looks Gorgeous As A Blonde But Very Much Unlike Herself — Check Out The Pics Of The RHOBH Star
Credit: Source: Lisa Rinna/Instagram

There may be nothing more recognizable than Lisa Rinna's signature short, layered brunette tresses. It is a look she's rocked for decades and many of her Days of our Lives fans remember her appearing as Billie with the signature, shag look. Now that she's known more for being a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member, her look is known to sometimes change. Every time Lisa changes her hair, it becomes a trending topic because fans are just so used to seeing her with the look.

In fact, Rinna's layered hairstyle is so popular, it's been recreated in wigs and one look that many middle age women turn to as it is age-defying and feature flattering.

Lisa proves that although she rocks the look, she doesn't need to stay limited to it. In new photos that Lisa Rinna shared on her Instagram account, Lisa rocks a long, below-the-chin bob with lots of gorgeous, chunks of blonde streaks. The look was a huge hit and many of her fans praised her for her beauty and style.

Lisa shared the photo with her 1.9 million followers and fans and the response was positive.

You may see the photo Lisa Rinna shared on Instagram below.

Lisa explained that the photo was from the Season 9 reunion for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . Lisa's look was simple, yet elegant. She wore a gorgeous, key-lime green dress that was giving eighties vibes. The dress had a sheen to it that gave it a wet look. She paired the dress with silver heels and no visible jewelry could be seen.

Her blonde bob had an off-center part that exposed her full forehead. Typically, Lisa's shag cut includes nearly full coverage bangs that cover her forehead and fall right at the eyelash level. It is a fun and flirty look that carries its own sex appeal and makes Lisa look mysterious.

The blond bob opened her face and it was clear to see that she is defying age and gravity and her complexion was smooth and flawless.

What do you think about Lisa Rinna's blonde, blunt bob? Do you prefer her signature shag or the new hairstyle?

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