Lisa Rinna And Her Family’s New Show Could Replace KUWK Amid Drop In Ratings!

Lisa Rinna And Her Family’s New Show Could Replace KUWK Amid Drop In Ratings!

It is safe to say that Keeping Up with the Kardashians is pretty much done!

If we look at the continuously dropping rating, we can see that maybe it’s time for the most famous family in America to leave the spotlight.

But the reality TV show has been the primary source of income for E! for the longest time and now, the network execs are thinking of replacing the Kardashians with another famous family.

According to new reports, one replacement option is none other but Lisa Rinna’s family!

One insider close to Rinna revealed that her family could very well do the job the Kardashians did, perhaps even better!

What makes them perfect for a Kardashian-like show is apparently the fact that they are fun and bring a lot of drama to the table but “without all the darkness.”

“Lisa Rinna’s family comes with all the excitement and drama and laughter of The Kardashians but without all the darkness,” the insider explained.

Lisa Rinna is married to a hunky actor, Harry Hamlin, and the two have two daughters together, Delilah Belle Hamlin and Amelia Gray Hamlin.

The insider revealed that the reason why Rinna has been promoting her daughters on social media lately is that they are getting ready to replace Kim Kardashian!

As Keeping Up with the Kardashians keeps on hitting lower and lower points each week, a more fresh approach to the genre, featuring Lisa Rinna should be in the works very soon.

“Lisa is ready for the challenge and hopes to bring the fun back to E!” the insider shared.

Are you sad KUWK is not doing very well or are you excited to see the new and improved Keeping Up with…Lisa Rinna’s Family?

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  • Lori S
    Lori S May 2, 2017 12:12 PM PDT

    Yes do it ! Love Lisa and her family

  • Gabby
    Gabby Apr 27, 2017 10:01 PM PDT

    They definitely need to change the title of the show just don't use keeping up..... Bye Kloe K I will surely miss you if this goes down!!!

  • Edith Jefferson
    Edith Jefferson Apr 27, 2017 7:24 PM PDT

    Please don't do it!

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