Lisa Marie Presley Trashes Michael Lockwood Over Outing With Twin Daughters

Lisa Marie Presley Trashes Michael Lockwood Over Outing With Twin Daughters
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Lisa Marie Presley is bashing her estranged husband, Michael Lockwood, whom she believed called an army of paparazzi to snap photos during an outing with his 8-year-old twins - Finley and Harper Lockwood.

On Sunday, Mr. Lockwood wearing an odd jean outfit was seen with his girls buying dolls at a flea market in Los Angeles, California.

The musician was also photographed as he purchased clothes and jewelry for the children. After enjoying the shopping spree, the trio was seen having lunch at a restaurant.

It had appeared like a sweet moment between a father and his daughters - but a close source to Lisa Marie Presley has reached out to TMZ and explained the following.

Lockwood was the one who tipped off the photographers "to look like a doting dad on his outing with twins. She is 'convinced the paparazzi didn't just happen to find Lockwood at the flea market."

The source went on to say that The King’s daughter is furious that Lockwood is using his children to score points with the judge handling their trial.

The former couple is locked in a bitter custody battle over Finley and Harper. Court documents revealed that Mrs. Presley discovered offensive and inappropriate pictures and videos on his computer.

The allegations led to Child Protection Services deciding to remove the girls from both parents and turning them over to their 71-year-old grandmother, Priscilla Presley.

Priscilla has confirmed she has been caring for Lisa Marie's children for the past ten months in a Facebook post that read: “There is Lots of confusion, commotion, and concern from all the talk circulating. Let me put this to rest … the girls have not been in foster care and never will be. The girls have been with me and will be until all this is sorted out.”

Elvis Presley's only daughter has never explained why the children are not in her custody.


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