Lisa Kudrow Mistakes Beyonce For Kim Kardashian And People Are Shocked!

Lisa Kudrow Mistakes Beyonce For Kim Kardashian And People Are Shocked!
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While a guest on the game show ’25 Words or Less’ Friends star Lisa Kudrow took everyone by surprise when she seemed to mistake Beyonce for Kim Kardashian! The actress was supposed to give a clue about the singer but she mistakenly gave one for the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality TV star and now everyone is confused!

Does Lisa Kudrow have trouble telling Beyonce and Kim apart or is that the case when it comes to their rapper husbands?

In other words, does she know the difference between Kanye West and Jay Z?

So many questions  went through the viewers’ as well as the contestants’ minds!

While on the show, she was supposed to make her team guess the person she had on a card by giving them clues with less than 25 words!

Pretty easy and straight to the point, right?

Well, she did that part right but the only thing was that the clue was not about Beyonce but about Kim Kardashian!

As the clock was ticking, Lisa said: ‘Kanye’s wife.’

Immediately after, one of her teammates correctly guessed that it was ‘Kim Kardashian.’

However, when she said it was not the right answer, everyone was very confused and shocked.

That is when the Friends star realized her mistake and thought about it a little more, finally figuring it out - ‘Jay Z!’ she exclaimed, this time getting the right answer from her teammates.

It did not take long for social media users to react to the video that soon became viral.

Here are a few of the many reactions she got: ‘LMFAOO I LOVE HER!!!!’ / ‘well- imagine not having basic pop culture knowledge.’ / ‘embarrassing.’

There were also a lot of people who just left a lot of laughing until you’re crying emojis.

People just could not believe she would confuse the two famous couples!


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