Lira Galore Just Bought A House For Herself And Her Baby Girl

Lira Galore Just Bought A House For Herself And Her Baby Girl
Credit: BET

Lira Galore could not be happier these days. She just bought a new home for herself and her baby girl and she announced it on her social media account. Check out her post below.

'For me & Mine . Baby K has really changed my whole perspective on Life. She comes FIRST & she’s thought of FIRST w/ every decision I’m making & every sacrifice I’m taking. My baby needed this !! We have a HOME!! 🏠 👩‍👧🤍🤍' she captioned her post, which includes some short clips.

Someone commented: 'Congrats, it’s even better when a ni**a can’t say he did it for you, 💜' and another follower said: 'I’m happy for her and her daughter... GO MAMA💕'

One fan believes that 'Sis secured the bag and is doing good for herself. I can’t be mad at her,' and one other fan wanted to highlight something important: 'Owning a Mortage is not owning a home hope she bought it full cash.'

Another backer said: 'Congratulations!!!!! Put the coke down and be the best you can be for yourself and baby K!!💕'

One fan is upset that Lira is not putting her daughter first according to their opinion: 'If she’s keeping her daughter away from her father, She’s not putting K first.'

Someone else was also happy for her and posted this: 'Good for you sis. Focus on you and your child. That’s what matters.'

Someone else said: 'Can’t hate on another woman do what’s best for her & her daughter & also LEVELING UP on your own.'

Another upset person said that 'She put that black man on child support and now living off him🤡 this is why black men date white women and Latinas because they don’t try to use us when we get famous.'

What do you think about Lira's achievement so far? Are you happy for her?

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