Linkin Park Dedicates Award To Chester Bennington At The 2017 AMAs - Check Out The Video

Linkin Park Dedicates Award To Chester Bennington At The 2017 AMAs - Check Out The Video
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Linkin Park had one of the most emotional moments of the night at the 2017 AMAs when they dedicated their Favorite Artist — Alternative Rock award to late lead singer Chester Bennington. Check out the video below.


The three members of the legendary rock band were honored to win Favorite Artist — Alternative Rock at the 2017 AMAs on November 19.

They acknowledged what everyone else was thinking as well. We are referring to the fact that: Chester Bennington should have been there with them.

The band dedicated their award to their late friend and their lead singer, who committed suicide earlier this year. It was so beautiful!

'First of all, thank you so much for all the fans here and all around the world, for supporting the band through thick and thin,' Mike Shinoda told the audience.

'We want to dedicate this to [Chester], to his memory, to his talent, to his sense of humor, to his joy. And remember, you guys, all of you tonight, whether you’re a fan or artist, I want you to take a moment to appreciate what you’ve got and make Chester proud.'

Chester committed suicide back in July 2017 and left his longtime bandmates and friends in a state of pure shock.

They were just one week away from going on tour and had filmed an episode of Carpool Karaoke only a few days earlier.

Since then, they've spoken openly about Chester’s tragic death. The band even held a tribute concert to celebrate his life on October 27.

Everyone was teary at the Hollywood Bowl for Linkin Park & Friends Celebrate Life In Honor of Chester Bennington. Their colleagues and admirers, like Blink-182 and Alanis Morissette, helped the band sing their biggest hits, like One Step Closer, and they also sang some of their own great tunes as well.


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