Lindsie Chrisley Says She Is 'Hurt And Discusted' By Her Father Todd's Alleged Threats

Lindsie Chrisley Says She Is 'Hurt And Discusted' By Her Father Todd's Alleged Threats
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Lindsie Chrisley says her own dad, Todd Chrisley, ‘threatened’ her with making a supposed ‘sex tape’ of hers public! As you can imagine, she is very ‘frustrated’ with him as well as ‘hurt!’

Chrisley Knows Best’s Todd Chrisley was indicted on federal tax evasion and wire fraud charges not too long ago.

However, a month before that, his daughter, Lindsie accused the 50-year-old man, as well as her own brother, Chase, of blackmailing her to lie about an ‘incident’ or they would release her sex tape.

In the meantime, Todd has insisted that the accusations are ‘a complete lie.’

This whole conflict with her family members seems to have really affected Lindsie.

She and her lawyer, Musa Ghanayem, gave an exclusive interview to HollywoodLife, revealing how she feels about the feud and dishing on what she is planning to do next.

‘I’m just taking everything day by day. I think the that reality of everything kind of hit me over the weekend. It took me a few days to process it, and now the reality's kind of sinking in. I have mixed emotions. More than angry, I'm just hurt. I am disgusted. I am frustrated. I do not understand it. I think that those are probably my main feelings,’ she told the news outlet.

When asked if she has any intentions of suing her dad and brother for harassment, Lindsie revealed: ‘I am going to say my piece and let my legal representative pick it up from there. I've no desire to ever get them in trouble, cause them any harm, or to do anything that would affect them for life, for something to be on their record. However, I have to come back down to reality and just realize that I have to learn to start protecting myself.’


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