Lindsey Vonn Shares Videos As She Works Out With Pregnant Ashley Graham

Lindsey Vonn Shares Videos As She Works Out With Pregnant Ashley Graham
Credit: Source: LIndsey Vonn/Instagram

On Wednesday, Olympic gold-medalist Lindsey Vonn shared a video of herself competing against pregnant supermodel Ashley Graham in the gym. The two women were working out on the rowing machines and the video showed Lindsey and then Ashely as they ferociously completed their reps. Ashely finished her set in record time and seemed shocked that she completed before Lindsey. Ashley was thrilled and clearly elated that she beat Lindsey!

Lindsey Vonn is 34-years-old and Ashely Graham is 31-years-old. Ashley announced she was pregnant with her first child but hasn't stated how far along she is or when her due date is.

Ashley and Lindsey have a good friendship and it was clear their competition was fun in nature and not serious. They also proved that sometimes what's needed to have a great workout is a buddy to exercise with — or even to compete with. The two were seen doing a series of exercises together.

You can see the video that Lindsey Vonn shared with her 1.9 million Instagram followers showing her working out with Ashley Graham in the player below.

Here is the caption that Lindsey Vonn shared on her video.

"Yes it’s true, I got beat by an amazingly fit, very pregnant and incredibly beautiful super model in the gym. You’re a stud @ashleygraham !! Must be your Midwest roots 💪🏻💃🏼 thx @kirastokesfit."

It's also clear that exercise is a very important aspect of Ashely Graham's life. Ashley repeatedly shares photos and videos of herself working out online but there's something different about Lindsey sharing the video of the two working out together.

Just the day prior, Ashley was sharing pics of herself working out, and it seems she favors the rowing machine.

The video Lindsey shared of herself working out with Ashley has gone viral and has more than 309,000 likes and over 470 comments.

What do you think of Lindsey and Ashley working out together? Are you impressed by Ashley Graham's fierceness when it comes to working out? Since it's unclear how far along Ashley is in her pregnancy, it's unclear if she is going to continue working out like this during the final trimester of her pregnancy. What do you think about Lindsey's and Ashley's workout video?

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