Lindsay Lohan Bashes Tamar Braxton: 'You're Deceptive And Conniving'

Lindsay Lohan Bashes Tamar Braxton: 'You're Deceptive And Conniving'
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After Tamar Braxton won Celebrity Big Brother, it seems that she triggered Lindsay Lohan. She took to Twitter, all the way to Tamar's tweet from 2017 and bashed her there. Lindsay's mom, Dina Lohan was also on CBB.

The Shade Room was the first to report this. Tamar fans were quick to respond, and they defended the CBB winner.

Someone said 'dawg she was so pissed off, she went & responded to a tweet from all the way back in 2017.😭😭😂'

Another follower posted 'but for what...her mom didn’t stand a chance..even if it wasn’t Tamar, it still wouldn’t be her....'

Someone else was a bit confused and wrote 'Big Brother is a game right? People do & say all kinds of things on these reality (game) shows to win. #tamar was playing the game, and she won. Let it go, Lindsay!'

Another person rooted for Tamar: 'Bruhhh imma need her to find something to do cause THEY always praying on her downfall... but not this time baby CAUSE SHE WON FAIR AND SQUARE. 🏆🥇'

Someone else congratulated Tamar and said 'Congrats Tamar! We got you. please let this chick go the way of the crack head and ignore her!!!'

One person addressed the reason for which they believe Lindsay is so mad: 'She mad they lost out on some dope money!!! Move around Lindsey and go back to your wack show!!!'

After winning CBB, Tamar made sure to show her gratitude to her family and shared a gorgeous photo with her sisters on social media.


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  • Jayne
    Jayne Feb 15, 2019 7:22 PM PST

    SLM....well at least you agree that it’s true even though you don’t Believe I should’ve brought it up!

  • SLM
    SLM Feb 15, 2019 4:32 PM PST

    Jayne, everything you mentioned in your post has absolutely nothing to do with CBB. All of that is completely separate from the game and shouldn’t be brought up at all. Tamar won and it was unanimous, and I for one am happy she won. Lindsey Lohan needs to keep moving with her trash talk and try to keep her new show afloat.

  • Jayne
    Jayne Feb 15, 2019 2:35 PM PST

    I’m no fan of Lindsay & her Mom is a dingbat but she has a point....Tamar is all about the Benjamins & is deceiving & conniving! She talks a good game but all the women in her circle are better to her then she is to them! She’s trashed her sisters, her cohorts from The Real, & Iyanla, her BFF Tiny , Khandi, & even her own mother Ms E when Ms E only told the truth about the lie Tamar & Vince were living in that abusive marriage!!! Not to mention that she trashed K Michelle for leaving her child when she herself just did the same thing to Logan by going on BBC for a payday! I’m happy that Tamar won too but she needs to quit the holier then thou act!!!!

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